Archaeological ceramics

Archaeological ceramics is a blog for exploring and sharing the world of ceramics ... objects that are linked from the remote past with the contact of people with land, water as well as fire. Making ceramics involve a process of creation that supports to communicate and explore our own ideas.

Pottery & Expression

More than pots: artwork and a manner of expression.

Ceramics are not only limited to practical use, they also have ceremonial functions
and are used for trade as well as symbolic objects such as figurines and even toys.
One of the enduring benefits of clay as a raw material is its plasticity, allowing
the artisans to shape and form it to imaginative requirements.

The best example of the many dimensions of pottery is the Pablo Picasso’s ceramics artworks.
The potteries created by this artist make clear the role of the ceramics as art.
As Picasso said their expression is fully significant because they are immersed in day-to-day contexts.

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